What are TikTok’s video upload requirements?

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What are TikTok's video upload requirements?


TikTok has specific video upload requirements to ensure the best possible user experience. Here are the key requirements for uploading videos on TikTok:

1. Video duration: TikTok videos can be between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long. However, most popular videos are 15 seconds or shorter, as shorter videos tend to have higher engagement rates.

2. Video format: TikTok supports MP4 and MOV video formats.

3. Video aspect ratio: The ideal aspect ratio for TikTok videos is 9:16 (portrait mode), but the platform also supports 1:1 (square) and 16:9 (landscape) aspect ratios.

4. Video resolution: TikTok recommends a minimum resolution of 720p for videos. The maximum resolution is 1080p.

5. Video file size: The maximum file size for TikTok videos is 287.6 MB for iOS devices and 72 MB for Android devices.

6. Frame rate: TikTok recommends a frame rate of 25-30 frames per second (FPS) for videos.

7. Audio: TikTok supports various audio formats, including MP3, AAC, and WAV. Videos should have a maximum audio volume of -1 dB and a minimum volume of -30 dB.

8. Video orientation: Videos should be uploaded in portrait mode (9:16 aspect ratio) for the best user experience.

9. Video content: Videos should adhere to TikTok's community guidelines and should not contain explicit, violent, or harmful content.

By following these requirements, you can ensure your videos are optimized for TikTok and provide the best possible user experience. Regularly checking TikTok's Help Center for updates on video requirements can also help you stay informed about any changes or updates to these guidelines.

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