What are TikTok’s guidelines for content removal?

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What are TikTok's guidelines for content removal?


TikTok has established a set of Community Guidelines to ensure that the platform remains a safe and enjoyable environment for users. These guidelines outline what kind of content is prohibited and can lead to content removal or account penalties. Here's a summary of TikTok's key content removal guidelines:

### 1. **Hate Speech and Discrimination:**
- **Hate Speech:** Content that attacks or incites violence against individuals or groups based on attributes such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability is prohibited.
- **Discrimination:** Content that promotes discrimination, harassment, or exclusion based on these attributes is also not allowed.

### 2. **Harassment and Bullying:**
- **Harassment:** Content that targets individuals with harmful or abusive behavior is not allowed. This includes personal attacks, threats, or repeated unwanted contact.
- **Bullying:** Content that promotes bullying or intimidation of individuals is prohibited.

### 3. **Violence and Threats:**
- **Violence:** Content that promotes or depicts violence, including self-harm, physical harm, or the glorification of violence, is not allowed.
- **Threats:** Any threats of violence or intimidation, whether direct or implied, violate TikTok's guidelines.

### 4. **Self-Harm and Suicide:**
- **Self-Harm:** Content that promotes or depicts self-harm, eating disorders, or suicidal ideation is prohibited.
- **Support for Self-Harm:** Content that provides instructions or encouragement for self-harm or suicide is also not allowed.

### 5. **Nudity and Sexual Content:**
- **Nudity:** Content that includes explicit nudity or sexual content is prohibited. This includes sexual activity, explicit images, and suggestive content.
- **Sexual Exploitation:** Content that involves sexual exploitation or abuse, including sexual content involving minors, is strictly prohibited.

### 6. **Dangerous Individuals and Organizations:**
- **Dangerous Individuals:** Content that promotes or glorifies dangerous individuals, including criminals and extremist groups, is not allowed.
- **Hate Groups:** Content that supports or promotes hate groups or extremist organizations is prohibited.

### 7. **Misinformation:**
- **False Information:** Content that spreads false information or misleading claims, particularly related to health, safety, or civic integrity, is subject to removal.
- **Disinformation Campaigns:** Coordinated efforts to spread disinformation or manipulate public opinion are not permitted.

### 8. **Illegal Activities:**
- **Criminal Activities:** Content that promotes or depicts illegal activities, including drug use, illegal gambling, or other criminal behavior, is prohibited.
- **Regulated Goods:** Content that involves the sale or promotion of regulated goods like alcohol, tobacco, or firearms is restricted.

### 9. **Intellectual Property:**
- **Copyright Infringement:** Content that infringes on copyright or intellectual property rights is subject to removal. This includes using copyrighted music, videos, or images without permission.
- **Trademark Violations:** Content that uses trademarks or brand names in a way that might mislead or infringe on rights is not allowed.

### 10. **Spam and Scams:**
- **Spam:** Content that is spammy, including repetitive posts, misleading ads, or attempts to artificially increase engagement, is prohibited.
- **Scams:** Content that scams users, including phishing attempts, fraudulent schemes, or deceptive practices, is not allowed.

### **Enforcement and Appeal:**
- **Enforcement:** TikTok uses a combination of automated systems and human moderators to enforce these guidelines. Content that violates the rules can be removed, and the offending account may face penalties such as warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans.
- **Appeals:** Users who believe their content was wrongfully removed can appeal the decision through TikTok's in-app appeal process or by contacting TikTok support.

For the most up-to-date information on TikTok's Community Guidelines, you should refer to TikTok's official [Community Guidelines page](https://www.tiktok.com/community-guidelines) or their in-app help section.

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