What are some of the most viewed TikTok videos?

Started by l8hgrwoft5, Jul 10, 2024, 04:41 AM

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What are some of the most viewed TikTok videos?


As of 2024, TikTok's most viewed videos are often from a mix of viral trends, popular creators, and high-profile events. Here are a few examples of some of the most-viewed TikTok videos to date:

1. **Zach King's "Magic Broom" Video**:
   - **Views**: Over 2.8 billion views
   - **Description**: Zach King, known for his "magic" and illusion videos, created a viral video where he appears to fly on a broomstick, which was a clever use of editing and visual effects.

2. **Bella Poarch's Lip Sync to "Sofia" by Bia**:
   - **Views**: Over 1.9 billion views
   - **Description**: Bella Poarch's lip-sync video to Bia's song "Sofia" became immensely popular due to her expressive lip-syncing and simple, yet engaging content.

3. **Charlie D'Amelio's "Renegade" Dance**:
   - **Views**: Over 1.6 billion views
   - **Description**: Charlie D'Amelio's dance to the "Renegade" song, which became a trend on TikTok, is one of the most recognized dance videos on the platform.

4. **Michael Le's "Backyard Dance" Video**:
   - **Views**: Over 1.5 billion views
   - **Description**: Michael Le, also known as @JustMaiko, gained massive views for his choreographed dance videos, particularly one filmed in his backyard.

5. **The "Coupang Play" Ad Featuring K-pop Group ITZY**:
   - **Views**: Over 1.4 billion views
   - **Description**: A promotional video featuring the popular K-pop group ITZY, which went viral due to the group's global fanbase and engaging content.

These videos are known for their broad appeal and the way they capture or create viral trends. The TikTok landscape is dynamic, so new videos frequently break into the top ranks as trends and popular creators evolve.

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