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What was TikTok old name?TikTok was originally launched in September 2016 under the name "Douyin" in China. Douyin was developed by the Chinese tech company ByteDance, which later introduced a separate version of the app for international markets, which is now known as TikTok. While Douyin and TikTok share similar features and functionality, they are separate platforms with different user bases, content, and availability based on geographic location.


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Before it was known as TikTok, the platform was originally launched under a different name called "Douyin." Douyin was created by the Chinese company ByteDance and was released in September 2016 exclusively for the Chinese market. It gained significant popularity in China before expanding internationally and undergoing a rebranding for global markets.

In September 2017, ByteDance launched an international version of the app, which they named "TikTok." The rebranded TikTok app was made available outside of China and quickly gained traction worldwide, eventually becoming one of the most popular social media platforms globally.


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TikTok's original name was "Douyin." Douyin was launched in September 2016 by the Chinese company ByteDance. It was initially released in the Chinese market and gained significant popularity. In 2017, ByteDance launched a separate version of the app called TikTok for international users outside of China. The international version of the app gained immense popularity, and eventually, in August 2018, ByteDance decided to merge Douyin and TikTok into a single platform, using the name "TikTok" globally. While the two apps still have some regional differences, they share a similar concept and most of the features.