What changes would you make to social media?


Senior member
  • Do have Complete and Active Social Profiles.
  • Be Consistent with your Business Profiles.
  • Be Unique and Engaging with your Sharing.
  • Do Make Relationships.
  • Do Prioritize Your Networks.
  • Regularly Interact with Your Audience.
  • Do Entertain and Inform your Audience.
  • Use Right Content on Right Network.


Do have complete and active social profiles. Be steady with your enterprise profiles. Be precise and attractive with your sharing. Do make relationships. Do prioritize your networks. Frequently engage along with your audience. Do entertain and tell your audience. Use right content material on proper community.


New member
  • Keep in mind that social media is a drug.
  • Those who assist you should be followed.
  • You should produce more than you consume.
  • Make content that is positive.