What are the consequences?


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TikTok is totally stripped of information like when a video was uploaded or the date a user opened their account. The app presents an endless stream of algorithmically chosen videos, which you swipe through vertically. But there's no way to discern when any of them were posted.


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Thing. the impact, result, or result of something happening prior: The mishap was the outcome of foolish driving. a demonstration or example of following something as an impact, result, or result. the determination came to by a line of thinking; derivation.


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A consequence comes after, or as a result of something you do. A consequence is a "result" or "conclusion," and the Latin sequī, "to follow," is part of history. depression, anxiety, anger, isolation, and extreme stress are all effects of cyberbullying. By no means is this only present on TikTok. I see this occur on nearly every social media platform. However, that doesn't mean that we can't recognize this as a negative effect of TikTok on our mental health.


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On the off chance that you need popularity and fortune from one of your recordings, 500 perspectives won't cut it. 500 perspectives an hour is without a doubt going to be going more towards the heading you should get what you ask for from your TikTok video.
In general, the longer a user waits between posts, the less likely they are to be able to upload multiple videos. However, if a person uploading multiple videos in a row does not violate any of TikTok's community guidelines, it is acceptable to post multiple videos.