Make a good Tumblr post


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Here are six tips that will help you get started with content marketing on Tumblr :-
  • Tell an informal story through imagery. ...
  • Make your mark. ...
  • Post multiple times per day. ...
  • Pick a target community, and stick with it. ...
  • Give a sneak peak of long
  • Customize the look. ...
  1. Get a laser-like focus on what you're doing. Dynamic Africa is a book about Africa's visual design culture.
  2. Choose the correct spelling and theme for your project.
  3. Take it slowly.
  4. Craft your posts with care.
  5. Make it unique.
  6. Get the attention of the editors.
  7. Find out what works best for your target market.
  8. Interact with others and help to spread the word.