How does Facebook know my income?


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Facebook has added a brand new layer of advertisements concentrated on the introduction of household income by u. S. Zip code. The characteristic will permit advertisers to target commercials to u. S. Facebook customers primarily based on the average income degrees inside the zip code wherein they say they reside.


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About Facebook earnings insights
Go to the Facebook section in Creator Studio.
Click Insights.
Click Earnings.
Choose the Pages that you want to see insights from.


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With the help of this feature, advertisers will be able to target ads to US Facebook users based on the median income levels in the ZIP code they claim to live in.


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Facebook has added another layer of promotion focusing on the presentation of family pay by the U.S. Postal division. The component will permit promoters to target advertisements to U.S. Facebook clients in light of the typical pay levels in the Postal district in which they say they dwell.


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Fb has brought a latest layer of commercials concentrated on the introduction of household earnings with the aid of u. S. Zip code. The characteristic will allow advertisers to target advertisements to u. S. Fb clients primarily based at the common profits ranges inside the zip code wherein they say they are living.


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Google's household income targeting feature predicts a likely US HHI range using a combination of location data and behavioral signals. We use location information and a combination of behavioral signals to determine whether a user is likely to be within an HHI range.


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Facebook may have access to your income information through various means, including:

Self-reported income: You may have provided Facebook with your income information when you signed up for an account, or when you filled out your profile information. This information is usually voluntary and can be used by Facebook to target advertising to users who fall within a certain income bracket.

Third-party data: Facebook may also obtain income data from third-party data brokers and marketing firms. These firms collect and sell consumer data, including income data, to companies like Facebook, which use the information for advertising and other purposes.

User behavior: Facebook may infer your income level based on your online behavior, such as the types of pages you like, the ads you interact with, or the products you purchase. Advertisers can target users based on certain behaviors that are associated with a particular income bracket.

It's worth noting that Facebook's use of personal data has come under scrutiny in recent years, and the company has faced criticism for its data collection practices. If you are concerned about the use of your personal data, you can take steps to protect your privacy, such as adjusting your privacy settings or limiting the amount of personal information you share online.