How do you find someone's email on Pinterest?


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You will see the Pinterest search bar at the highest point of the screen. Underneath the inquiry bar, you will see the Tap individuals choice. This assurance returns Pinterest clients rather than sheets or pins. Whenever you type a client name, profile name, or Pinterest email address of your companion, it will show you a rundown of pertinent clients.


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  1. Open the Pinterest app, or access Pinterest on your preferred web browser.
  2. Tap on the search bar located in the top part of the screen. This is the same bar where you search for popular keywords, pins from people, and personal profiles by username.
  3. Once you enter the individual email address, press Enter.
  4. On the side of the bar, there is a drop-down menu where you should select People.
  5. If the person associated with the email has a Pinterest profile, you’ll see their profile picture pop up on your screen.
  6. To access their profile, just click or tap on the name.
  7. Once you do, you can click the Follow button, get in touch, invite them to group boards, and increase your engagement with users.
Under the quest bar, you'll see the faucet humans alternative. This guarantee returns pinterest users rather than forums or pins. Whilst you kind a person name, profile call, or pinterest email address of your buddy, it will display you a listing of applicable users.