How do I view anonymous viewers on LinkedIn?


Step 1: Click your little profile pic in the top right hand corner.
Step 2: Click on “Settings & Privacy” in the dropdown menu.
Step 3: Click on the “Privacy” section.
Step 4: Scroll down to “Profile viewing options” and click “Change”
Step 5: Select “Private mode”
Step 1: click your little profile % within the top right hand corner. Step 2: click on on “settings & privacy” within the dropdown menu. Step three: click at the “privacy” phase. Step 4: scroll all the way down to “profile viewing alternatives” and click “exchange”
step 5: pick “personal mode
Click on your little profile percent within the upper proper hand nook. Snap on "settings and security" inside the dropdown menu. Snap on the "protection" vicinity. Look right down to "profile seeing picks" and snap "change"
choose "personal mode"


New member
  1. At the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click the Me icon.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose Settings & Privacy.
  3. On the left rail, select Visibility.
  4. Change next to Profile viewing options in the Visibility of your profile & network section.
  5. Choose the browsing mode you want to use.