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By utilizing the Facebook Commercial center for Business, you will actually want to list things you need to sell from your Facebook page shop. Thusly, your clients will actually want to purchase from you straightforwardly on Facebook. We prescribe our customers to connect their online store with their Facebook page shop.


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By using the Facebook Business place for Business, you will really need to list things you want to sell from your Facebook page shop. In this manner, your clients will really need to buy from you clearly on Facebook. We recommend our clients to associate their web-based store with their Facebook page shop.


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Make sure your item is approved for sale on Facebook. Learn more about what kinds of things can't be sold on Marketplace.


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You can't. Just on an individual page. Facebook is a significant device for brands who are keen on offering their items to designated crowds. Beforehand just accessible as a shared shopping commercial center, Facebook Commercial center has extended to incorporate dealer selling
Click on the market icon, then tap the 'create new list' button. Input an item identify, description and price. Pick a class of object. Confirm your region.