Facebook Bug Bounty Program


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The Facebook Bug Bounty Program is a program offered by Facebook to incentivize researchers and security experts to report any security vulnerabilities they find on Facebook's platforms, including the Facebook website, mobile apps, and related services. The program rewards researchers with cash bounties for responsibly disclosing security bugs to Facebook's security team.

The program has been in place since 2011 and has become a popular way for Facebook to identify and address security vulnerabilities quickly. Facebook pays out bounties ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the severity and impact of the bug.

To participate in the Facebook Bug Bounty Program, researchers must adhere to Facebook's guidelines for responsible disclosure and follow a set of rules and requirements outlined on Facebook's security page. If you believe you have found a security vulnerability in Facebook's platforms, you can submit a bug report through Facebook's Bug Bounty Program page.