Edit my LinkedIn URL


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How to customise your LinkedIn URL
  1. Step 1: Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click on the 'Me' icon. ...
  2. Step 2: Head to the top-right side of the page and click the button that says 'Edit public profile & URL'. ...
  3. Step 3: Under the 'Edit URL' tab, click the small pencil icon next to your current URL.


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How to change your LinkedIn URL
  1. On the right-hand side of your profile page, click on "Edit public profile & URL." This will launch a new tab.
  2. Again looking to the right-hand side of your screen, under "Edit your custom URL," take note of the URL provided there.


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We suggest utilizing a variety of your name or potentially your expert image since you'll impart this URL to individuals, so they can observe your LinkedIn profile. Changing your URL a few times might make it difficult for individuals to track down you. You ought to have the option to return to your old URL following evolving.


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Tweaking your public profile URL makes you more straightforward to find. It's a fast, simple method for separating you from all of the other LinkedIn clients out there. This is especially significant for those with normal names. Doing as such lifts your believability


Customizing your public profile url makes you less complicated to find. It is a short, clean way to distinguish you from all of the different linkedin users out there. That is specially crucial for people with commonplace names. Doing so boosts your credibility