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Yes, CJ Dropshipping offers white labeling and branding services to help you create a more personalized and unique customer experience. With white labeling, you can customize the packaging, labels, and branding of the products you sell through CJ Dropshipping. Here's how CJ Dropshipping supports white labeling and branding:

1. Custom Packaging: CJ Dropshipping allows you to design and customize the packaging of the products you sell. You can create custom packaging with your own logo, branding, and product information. This helps create a consistent brand image and enhances the perceived value of your products.

2. Custom Inserts and Promotional Materials: In addition to custom packaging, CJ Dropshipping enables you to include custom inserts or promotional materials such as thank-you cards, flyers, or coupons in the packages. This allows you to further engage with your customers and promote your brand or other products.

3. Branding on Shipping Labels: CJ Dropshipping allows you to add your branding or logo to the shipping labels on packages. This helps reinforce your brand identity and provides a professional and cohesive look to the entire shipping process.

4. Customized Product Information: CJ Dropshipping supports adding customized product information such as your brand name, logo, or product descriptions to the packaging or labels. This way, you can provide a consistent and branded experience to your customers.

5. Packaging Customization Services: CJ Dropshipping offers additional packaging customization services such as custom bagging, bundling, or kitting of products. This can be useful if you want to create unique product bundles or add extra touches to your packaging.

It's important to note that there may be additional costs associated with white labeling and branding services. You can consult with CJ Dropshipping directly or refer to their website for more information on the specific services and pricing related to white labeling and branding.


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Yes, CJ Dropshipping offers white labeling and branding services to help dropshippers customize their products and packaging. Here's an overview of the white labeling and branding services provided by CJ Dropshipping:

1. Product Customization: CJ Dropshipping allows you to add your own branding elements, such as logos, labels, or custom designs, to the products you source from them. This customization helps create a unique identity for your products and enhances brand recognition.

2. Custom Packaging: CJ Dropshipping offers the option to customize the packaging of your products. You can design and print your own packaging materials, including boxes, bags, labels, or inserts, with your brand name, logo, and other relevant information.

3. Insert Cards and Marketing Materials: You can include personalized insert cards or marketing materials inside the packages to provide additional information about your brand, promote other products, or offer discounts to encourage repeat purchases.

4. Shipping Labels and Invoices: CJ Dropshipping allows you to customize shipping labels and invoices with your branding. This ensures that the packaging and documentation reflect your brand identity when the products are delivered to your customers.

5. Branding on Shipping Packages: CJ Dropshipping can include your logo or brand name on the shipping packages, further reinforcing your brand's presence and professionalism during the delivery process.

It's worth noting that some of these white labeling and branding services may have additional costs associated with them, and the extent of customization may vary depending on the product and supplier. It's recommended to communicate your specific branding requirements with CJ Dropshipping and inquire about any associated fees or limitations.

Remember to consult with CJ Dropshipping directly or refer to their website for the most accurate and up-to-date information on their white labeling and branding services.


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Yes, CJ Dropshipping does offer white labeling and branding services for businesses. As a dropshipping supplier, CJ Dropshipping provides the option for businesses to customize their products with their own branding, logos, and packaging, effectively creating a white label solution. This allows businesses to establish their unique brand identity and present a consistent image to their customers.

Here are some key aspects of CJ Dropshipping's white labeling and branding services:

  1. Custom Packaging: CJ Dropshipping can help businesses design and produce custom packaging for their products. This includes adding the business's logo, branding elements, and any specific packaging requirements.
  2. Branding Inserts and Labels: CJ Dropshipping can assist in including branding inserts or labels inside the product packaging. These inserts can contain information about the brand, promotional materials, or any other messaging the business wants to include.
  3. Product Customization: CJ Dropshipping provides options for businesses to customize products with their branding. This can include adding the business's logo or other design elements to the product itself, such as custom tags or labels.
  4. Shipping and Fulfillment: CJ Dropshipping offers blind dropshipping, which means that when fulfilling orders, they do not include any CJ Dropshipping branding or promotional materials. This ensures that the package appears to come directly from the business, reinforcing the white label experience.
It's important to note that specific customization options and costs may vary, so it is advisable to directly contact CJ Dropshipping or review their services to get detailed information on the white labeling and branding options available for your business.