Disadvantages of Instagram


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Instagram is a top-rated app among youngsters these days. As mentioned earlier, the app is very addictive due to its photo-sharing features. Instagram has an age limit, but there is no official way to track the age limit. Therefore, young users can easily lie on the application to use it.
There are explicit posts on Instagram, and one can not concentrate due to its addictive nature. Hence, young users can be negatively impacted by the nature of the content on the application. Therefore, despite the informative nature of the content on the application, the use of the application by young users can be a disadvantages for using Instagram.


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Instagram has a lot of advantages but it also some disadvantages too. Mobile friendly design: Instagram was created for mobile use only. The Instagram design is more suitable for mobile phones and tablets. Instagram has a desktop version too but it has limited features as compared to a mobile version of Instagram. It means to use Instagram you have at least smartphone.


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  • Not everyone has an iPhone or a Handset.
  • It's an advanced technological device.
  • Instagram has a limited set of features.
  • Copyright ownership is lost.
First of all, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. It totally depends on how you use it. I think the disadvantages are Limited Targeting Options, Everyone Wants Attention on Instagram, Addictive, and Less Photo editing Options.


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Buying followers will no longer get you focused visitors. Additionally, people have concerns when they purchase fans they are bots. Ultimately, even actual people can unfollow you when they first of all comply with.