Can my employer see if I apply for a job on LinkedIn?


Your application activity is private. None of the information you supply during the job application process is stored or visible on your LinkedIn profile. However, if you update your profile during the application process, those profile changes will be reflected on your LinkedIn profile.


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Your application action is private. None of the data you supply during the request for employment process is put away or noticeable on your LinkedIn profile. There will be no noticeable sign that you've gone after a position.


Your application interest is non-public. Not one of the information you deliver at some stage in the job software manner is saved or visible on your linkedin profile. However, if you replace your profile in the course of the software process, those profile adjustments will be contemplated on your linkedin profile.


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Your app activity is kept private. Your LinkedIn profile does not store or display any of the information you provide during the job application process.