blank name on Twitter


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To begin, go to the above-mentioned name-changing screen. Then, within the apostrophes "," copy the symbol and paste it into the Twitter name field. Before clicking the Save button, make sure the apostrophes are removed. You'll have a blank Twitter name if you refresh your profile.


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A Hangul Filler character is used in a blank name. This is a name that is acceptable in the game. Having a blank name, on the other hand, necessitates copying and pasting Hangul Filler as a username. Using Hangul Filler means you won't be able to see the actual characters on your smartphone, despite the fact that it contains characters.


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A "Blank Twitter name" is created when a user changes his or her Twitter username to an empty field with no characters. There is no way to have a blank Twitter name, but there is a way around it.