Any solution for Instagram accounts getting banned?


On the off chance that your record was erased by you or somebody with your secret key, it's basically impossible to reestablish it. You can make another record with a similar email address you utilized previously, however you will be unable to get the equivalent username. Was this useful?


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Instagram has a strict user policy that doesn’t tolerate any sort of suspicious activity. If you got wrongfully banned from Instagram, don’t worry—you are not the only one. It doesn’t need to be because do not pay is here to help! We will guide you through the process of getting your account back.


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To talk about your concern with an agent, you can tap on the Tell Us or Allure buttons on the boycott notice. Assuming you just have the Learn More choice, pick that. Click on Let Us Know toward the finish of the notification. You can likewise go to the Assistance Community or call 1-650-543-4800.
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