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    Shutdown Instagram account

    Activate the desktop browser. Visit the Delete Your Account page on Instagram. Follow the prompt to log in to your account if you aren't already logged in. When prompted with a reason for deactivating your account, choose an answer. Put in your password again. Press Delete My Account Permanently.
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    Post full videos on Instagram

    Instagram introduced Instagram TV, or IGTV for short, as a solution for longer videos. Since IGTV was discontinued, Instagram Video was created by fusing old IGTV videos with videos from the Instagram Feed. Longer videos can now be posted directly to your Feed and last up to 10 minutes.
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    How often do you post pictures on Instagram?

    Generally speaking, posting to your Instagram feed no more than once per day is not advised. It is possible to post stories more frequently.
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    Email private on Instagram

    Some profile details are only accessible to you. This includes your gender, phone number, and email address. Find out what to do if you forget your Instagram password or can't access the email or phone number you registered with.
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    main purpose of Instagram

    Instagram is a wholly visual social media platform. Instagram's sole function is to allow users to share images or videos with their audience, in contrast to Facebook, which relies on both text and pictures, and Twitter, which relies only on text.
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    Instagram office

    One of our many office locations is our corporate office in Menlo Park, California. Cities all over the world are seeing an increase in our presence.
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    Pink ring mean on Instagram

    Once a story is created, a vibrant ring denotes the creation of a new story around your profile picture. Your profile photo can be found in the first row of your feed. The ring can be seen on your profile page as well.
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    know about Instagram

    Instagram is a social media site that places a strong emphasis on sharing photos and videos via its mobile app. As long as your account is public, you are able to capture, edit, and publish visual content for both followers and non-followers. By sharing, saving, commenting, and liking your...
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    set up and use Instagram

    To register, click Sign up, then fill out your email address, username, and password, or click Log in with Facebook to use your Facebook account. Tap Sign up to register using an email. If you choose to register using Facebook, you will be asked to log in if you are not already.
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    Triangle mean on Instagram

    Once the chats have been flagged, the direct messages have a flag icon on the right. It's a tiny orange triangle that shows up in the chat's right corner. Any of your Instagram chats that have an orange flag next to them have been flagged as important.
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    Instagram online

    Instagram is a social networking and photo-sharing website that enables users to take pictures, edit them with filters, and share them in a variety of ways, including on Twitter and Facebook. Applications for Instagram are available for Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.
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    the symbols on an Instagram post

    Three-Dot. Messenger. Search Icon
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    New thing on Twitter

    Today, Twitter revealed that it is testing a new feature called Twitter Circles that enables users to share their tweets with a more specialized audience. Instead of sharing their content publicly, Twitter users can use Twitter Circle to share their tweets with up to 150 people.
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    Instagram reels

    Reels are engaging, immersive videos that allow you to creatively communicate your brand story, inform your audience, and attract new customers. People visit Reels to partake in cultural trends, work with the locals, and learn new concepts.
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    Instagram followers make

    You can earn more money using Instagram if you have a larger following. Engagement, content quality, brand recognition, audience demographics, and skill set are additional factors that affect rates. The typical rate per 1,000 followers is $10, though this can change depending on your contract...
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    purple ring on Instagram mean

    A few clicks or taps on a computer or mobile device will let you post to Instagram. Recently, Instagram added a built-in feature to its desktop website that enables you to upload photos and videos in a similar way to how you can with the Instagram mobile app. This piece can be found in Insider's...
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    Instagram mobile

    With a few clicks or taps, you can post to Instagram from a computer or mobile device. Instagram's desktop website now has a built-in feature that lets you upload photos and videos in a similar way to how you can on its mobile app. Insider's Guide to Instagram includes this article.
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    Instagram IP address

    Your IP address is actually known by the site administrators. Additionally, they will record your IP address if you click on an advertisement or link on the website.
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    Instagram sell data

    The business utilizes your information, such as the device you use to log in, to identify erroneous log-in attempts. Your phone's crash reports can be used to find bugs in the code and parts of the app that aren't being used.
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    Instagram read messages

    The distinction between accessing texts and reading them must be made in this context. Your texts are not read by Instagram. Furthermore, Facebook assures users that "This feature does not collect the content of your calls or text messages" in addition to the fact that iMessages are already...