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    Does Facebook need my phone number?

    You can create an account with your email address if you don't have a mobile phone number. Before you try to create an account, make sure you've logged out of any other accounts.
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    Is Instagram more secure than Facebook?

    Because Instagram is more personal and secure than Facebook, it ranks higher. There are numerous other advantages to using Instagram: Instagram has improved its mobile compatibility.
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    Does Facebook need my phone number?

    You can create an account with your email address if you don't have a mobile phone number. Before you try to create an account, make sure you've logged out of any other accounts.
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    Why some comments on Facebook are hidden?

    The comments are still counted, but they aren't visible to the public (if it's your post, you can see three dots and click to manage spam posts).
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    What can a Facebook pixel do?

    Pixel data ensures that your ads are seen by the people most likely to take the action you want.
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    Hide your Facebook profile picture

    Select More Options, and then Only Me. This must be done for each photo in the album individually, including your current profile picture.
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    New feature on Facebook

    Facebook reels are being released. Reels is a new video-sharing feature in the Facebook app that allows users to upload short videos with text annotations. It's available now in the United States and will be available globally in the coming months on iOS and Android devices.
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    Is your content tailored for each site?

    Personalization is at the heart of tailored content. To supercharge the customer experience you provide, make your company focused on meeting the specific needs of your customers. Delivering experiences that speak directly to each individual customer is what tailored content is all about.
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    What draws people Facebook?

    Usually involve eye-catching photos, engaging status updates, and links to educational articles and videos. The more people who see your posts in their feed, the more likely they are to notice them.
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    how can i block someone on facebook

    In the top right corner of Facebook, tap. Scroll down to Settings and tap it. Blocking can be found under Audience and Visibility. Tap Block after entering the profile's name. Find the profile you want to block on the search results page and tap Block. To confirm your decision, tap Block once more.
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    How get my Facebook password

    Keep in mind that you'll need access to the email associated with your account. Select Forgot Password? Tap Search after entering your account's email, mobile phone number, full name, or username. Follow the instructions on the screen.
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    How to add Facebook events to google calendar

    Go to the page for your Google Calendar. Open the settings by clicking the gear icon at the top. On the left sidebar, select "Add calendar" and "From URL." In the box, paste the link you just copied from the FB Events button.
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    How do I add a credit card to my Facebook Ad Manager?

    Log in to the Facebook app or use your phone's mobile web browser to visit Tap.. Select Settings. Select Payment Options. Select whether you want to use a credit or debit card or PayPal in the Payment Methods section. Fill in your payment information.
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    make money from Facebook videos?

    Publish videos directly from a Page. Meet our Monetization Policies for Partners... Meet our on-demand and/or live video eligibility requirements. Have 10,000 Facebook fans... Be in a language and country that is available. Publish videos that are suitable for in-stream advertising.
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    Can people see if you look at their Facebook?

    No, Facebook does not inform people that their profile has been viewed. This functionality cannot be provided by third-party apps.
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    How can I stop Facebook from charging me?

    Turn off all advertisements and pay any outstanding bills. This is the only legal way to stop automatic billing because it pays Facebook what they're owed, regardless of how you feel about their charges, and it prevents you from accruing any more debt.
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    The maximum number of posts I can make on Facebook per day

    Facebook, for example, recommends up to five posts per day, but 25 is the absolute maximum they allow without negatively impacting your posts' reach.
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    Facebook account.

    Select Create New Account on Fill in your email or phone number with a fake first and last name, as well as a fake birthday and gender. To avoid accidentally revealing your identity, don't use any of your real information. To confirm, select Sign Up.
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    What amount of time does it require to get confirmed on Facebook?

    Although Facebook does not specify a standard response time, you could receive a response in as little as 48 hours or as long as 45 days. Because the Facebook team will have to manually review your documents to confirm their authenticity, verifying accounts representing businesses may take longer.
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    FB account is hacked

    Another sign that your Facebook account has been hacked is if you notice any unusual activity on your account. It's a sign of a possible breach if you get an email saying someone tried to change your password or login to your account and you're certain it wasn't you.