What is the Display Planner tool?

Started by zmlm73arr4, Jul 04, 2024, 11:17 AM

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What is the Display Planner tool?


The Display Planner tool was a feature within Google Ads (now known as Google Display Network) that was used for planning and managing display campaigns. However, as of June 2021, Google deprecated the Display Planner tool and it is no longer available. It was replaced by the Reach Planner tool, which provides similar functionality but with enhanced features for planning YouTube and video ad campaigns specifically.

### Features of the Display Planner Tool (Historically):

1. **Campaign Planning**: It allowed advertisers to plan display campaigns by providing insights into potential placements, targeting options, and estimated performance metrics.

2. **Audience Targeting**: Advertisers could explore targeting options based on audience interests, demographics, and behaviors to reach specific audiences with display ads.

3. **Placement Suggestions**: It provided recommendations for websites and placements where ads could be displayed based on relevance to the advertiser's target audience and campaign goals.

4. **Budget Forecasting**: The tool offered estimates on reach, impressions, clicks, and costs based on the selected targeting and bidding parameters, helping advertisers plan their budget effectively.

5. **Ad Creative Insights**: Advertisers could get ideas for ad creatives, formats, and sizes that would best fit the selected placements and audience segments.

### Transition to Reach Planner:

Since the deprecation of the Display Planner tool, Google has integrated similar functionalities into the Reach Planner tool, which is now primarily focused on planning YouTube and video ad campaigns. The Reach Planner provides more advanced features for forecasting reach, planning media buys, and optimizing video ad campaigns across YouTube and the Google Display Network.

### Key Functions of Reach Planner:

- **Forecasting Reach and Frequency**: Predicts the reach and frequency of video ad campaigns across YouTube and the Display Network.
- **Budget Allocation**: Helps advertisers allocate budgets effectively to maximize reach and achieve campaign goals.

- **Targeting Options**: Offers insights into targeting options including demographics, interests, and video placements.

- **Performance Metrics**: Provides estimates on key performance metrics such as views, impressions, and cost per thousand impressions (CPM) based on campaign settings.

### Conclusion:

While the Display Planner tool is no longer available, advertisers can utilize the Reach Planner tool within Google Ads for comprehensive planning and optimization of video ad campaigns across YouTube and the Google Display Network. It's designed to help advertisers make informed decisions about their media buys and achieve their advertising objectives effectively.

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